ATW – Thoughts half way through.

So far the trip has been amazing! I’ve had no regret signing on for it. When I first saw the cost of the trip it seemed expensive but it’s really not. The company has done a magnificent job attending to detail and providing more that we thought we would get. A few examples:

– Before the trip they gave everyone a new iPad with information about the expedition preloaded.

– The food and beverage has been of excellent quality and has been more than plentiful. The wines are of very good quality and there is no extra charge for alcoholic beverages on the plane or in the restaurants.

– They fill out the emigration and customs paperwork for you ahead of time.

– When you arrive in your hotel there is a small gift and about $10 in local currency for you.

– They provide pre-postage paid postcards for you in each new country.

– They take care of the baggage whenever possible and will have it in your room.

– They have provided each person with a new wheeley bag, backpack, universal electrical charger, flashlight and other things that might be needed.

– All events are paid for. For instance, when I did the dive at the Great Barrier Reef there was no extra cost even though it costs a lot more than snorkeling. Our side trip to Phnom Penh is at no extra cost even though we will have an extra flight and additional ground transportation and guides.

– They anticipate problems and prevent them rather than just dealing with them.

– The crew on the plane couldn’t be more friendly and accommodating. They are having fun too. There is a chef on the plane so the food is of restaurant quality. Today the head captain was going down the aisle pouring wine for the guests and conversing with them.

– I told you about the flybys. I commented to the head captain that they must burn a lot of fuel and he smiled and said “yes, but they let us do it.” So, it’s not like they are trying to cut corners on costs. They could have just taken the plane in for landing and no one would know the difference.

– Basically, they provide more than what they promise.

Yes, I know I’m paying for this. Still, I would rather pay and be surprised at the service than to pay less and be nickel-and-dimed at every turn. I have talked to other guests and we feel that this is a real bargain. I couldn’t have made these arrangements, scheduled these tours and found these hotels & guides on my own.

Looking forward to the next half of the trip!

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  1. jerry says:

    Hi Marie and Ray… Looks like you are having one hell of a time. The polar opposite experience of those miserable folks who just got off the cruise ship in Alabama. Great to know that the tour company exceeds expectations. What a change from the usual scenario. Peru – love it myself. Was lucky to visit there 2x. Easter Island, Samoa, Australia – never been. But my great uncle did, in Sydney, build the world’s largest pre-stressed concrete building!… Cambodia must remind you of your visit next door now 2 years ago (!). Really glad this is working out… All’s well in NYC. Some white stuff fell. But no great shakes… CRS news; agency collaborating w/ Carter Center to eradicate guinea worm. S Sudan is last major holdout… Tomorrow will be thinking of you as we plan to ski Catamount. Will be looking for the house from the “peak.” Best to Marie and more later… Jerry

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