ATW – 3/22/13 – Day 20 – Cairo, Egypt

Another long day. The reason for that is that we will leave Luxor, fly to Cairo, take buses to the Giza pyramids and return to the plane for our flight to Fez, Morocco.

As I mentioned, we have been to Luxor and Cairo. I was hoping that Cairo would be deemed unsafe and would get bypassed for a more direct flight to Fez. The pyramids are amazing structures but the experience of seeing them leaves a lot to be desired. You are constantly harassed by vendor wanting to sell you things. We have all seen the great pictures of the pyramids as magnificent freestanding structures. Yet, if you turn around to the main entrance you see a Pizza Hut and a KFC across the street.

We made our way there in the buses and it was worse than 3 years ago. There was a sandstorm that was blowing fine sand into our eyes and hair. The venders are worse than ever. Tourism has taken such a hit that they are more aggressive than ever. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the junk they are selling is being made in Chinese factories. To me, it’s just depressing. The pyramids should be a spiritual experience. It is just the opposite and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

We made it back to our plane and took off for Morocco.


A fairly nice photo of the 3 plus 1 important pyramids at Giza. The pyramid to the left is actually the highest although the center one appears to be. The sandstorm restricted clarity.


The pilot was able to do a flyby of the pyramids. It’s not as close or impressive as some of the other flybys but still it was a treat to get a look from the air.

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  1. Jerry says:

    You guys are covering a lot of ground! Can’t believe you sailed on thenTitanic. That’s spmething to tell the folks back home… Good to see you use the word “sensational” describing the trip. It looks it! Enjoy Morroco… Jerry

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