ATW – 3/24/13 – Day 22 – Orlando, FL – Circumnavigation

No sightseeing today. Now it’s all about bringing it home. Spirits are high. It’s been an amazing trip but when you realize that it is time to go home you get anxious to get it over with.

We took off from Fez, Morocco but had to make a stop in the Azores, presumably for fuel. The thing that was a bit odd was that all of the checked luggage had to be taken off of the plane. I’m not sure exactly why but there was some talk that the airport in Morocco didn’t meet some security standards. Still, we were able to leave some personal item in the overhead bins of the plane. Go figure.

After leaving the Azores it was off to Orlando, FL. We picked up 5 hours on this one flight. The plane landed at Orlando-Sanford Airport. We cleared customs and were bused to the Hyatt Hotel that is right in Orlando International Airport. That means that there was no need for ground transportation the next day. While the Hyatt is a nice hotel, the rooms were a come down from the rooms we were used to.

We flew 27,400 miles and circumnavigated the globe. We crossed the equator 4 times. I haven’t regretted a minute of it. I’ll have some final thought later.

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  1. Ray,

    I enjoyed reading your blog it looks like you had an amazing time. Thanks for showing us your adventure!

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