I am in Zambia with the group that calls itself “Fix It Friends”. We are from all over and get together once a year to do a charity work project. This year the location is Lusaka, Zambia, a place I have never been to before and never had a reason to visit. Zambia is a region that was formally known as Northern Rhodesia. Last year we went to Cali, Columbia. Although most of us don’t see each other more than once a year we always seem to pick up where we left off and things just flow from there.

The project this year is to assist with a the building of a school by a local Baptist church. It is quite a formidable project. It’s much larger than anything I have been involved with in the past. We can’t finish the project but we are helping to move the project along with time, effort and money. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day or a week by well intentioned volunteers. However, as I’m observing this week, it’s amazing how much can be accomplished through concentrated team effort. Manpower with a goal is a formidable force.


Fix It Friends – 2016

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