This blog is a work in progress. Information and photos will be added for a lot more trips. Check back! There is a lot more to come, including Vietnam, Romania, Costa Rica, Greece, France, Ireland, and Italy. Sorry there have been so few updates.

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Let me explain the pictures at the top. From left to right:

1.) February of this year with Archbishop Nicolas Djomo of the Tshumbe Diocese in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A group of us visited the Bishop to see the work he has accomplished. Tshumbe is just about dead center in the Congo. Practically speaking it is only accessible by plane.

2.) December 2008, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (before the earthquake). I’m at the Abandoned Baby Unit of the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince. I’m holding a child named Enok who had been recently abandoned. He was two years old but was severely malnourished and could not stand or walk. He held me as though his life was in my hands. Since then we have gotten him released to an orphanage and he talks and walks. He is a smart, inquisitive kid. He has become friends with other children in the orphanage. The orphanage is not designed to farm kids out to families outside of Haiti. It is designed to give a chance to children who can become educated and become productive citizens and leaders within Haiti. Maybe I made a difference in someone’s life. I hope so.

3.) Marie and I in Cairo, Egypt in January 2010.

4.) Riding the Pacific Coast in September of 2009. A 1300 mile ride from Astoria, OR to Costa Mesa, CA.


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  1. Ray:
    we would like to know the day of your arrival here in argentina to make arrangements for the airport as we are plannig to send aa group to take you to our area. Sister Teresia woul be very pleased to welcome you in our school and is preparing a house located inside the school for you to rest after the trip. Please send us all the information .
    We will keep in touch.

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